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Final Conference

13th of September 2012
Bonn, Germany

Fifth Steering Group Meeting

12th of September 2012
Bonn, Germany

Fourth Steering Group Meeting

23th – 24th of April 2012
Vienna, Austria

Third Steering Group Meeting

28th – 29th of November 2011
Gdansk, Poland

Second Steering Group Meeting:

23rd – 24th May 2011
Lyon, France

Kick-off meeting
Leonardo da Vinci – ECMO: ECVET meets europass mobility

22nd – 23rd of November 2010
Wrexham, Wales (UK)


ECVET monitoring

In the context of ECVET monitoring the national Agency BILDUNG FÜR EUROPA at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (Germany) facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the projects through the following events:

  • 21st September 2010
    Bonn (Germany)

  • 8th January 2011
    Bonn (Germany)
    Theme: Output-driven validation and evaluation of learning outcomes: problems, solutions, models

  • 7th June 2011
    Bonn (Germany)
    Theme: Workshop on Learning Outcomes

  • 8th June 2011
    Bonn (Germany)
    Theme: Monitoring Transfer of Innovation projects

  • 27th September 2011
    Bonn (Germany)

  • 31st January 2012
    Bonn (Germany)
    Theme: ECVET in practice

  • 5th June 2012
    Bonn (Germany)
    Theme: Final report

Additional Links

Information about ECVET can be found on the ECVET pilot project website and the European ECVET Network.

Further information regarding the europass mobility, an important part of the overall europass concept, can be found on the website of the German National Agency and the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop).

A contribution towards the implementation of ECVET and tools for mobility projects presents M.O.T.O., an ECVET pilot project.

Within the COMPASS project a tool is offered that documents the professional skills and intercultural competences acquired in work placement abroad in a well-structured manner.

For detailed Information on quality assurance for mobility projects, see the EQARF standards.