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The project has been led by Forschungsinstitut Betriebliche Bildung (f-bb) gGmbH)/ Research Institute for Vocational Training which has strong experiences in research activities concerning European Transparency Instruments.

The consortium consisted of six core partners including the coordinator f-bb and three associated partners.

Ecap Consulenze srl and Solidarnosc are experts concerning documentation of KSC. The Fédération Nationale des CIBC (Centres Interinstutionnels de Bilan de Compétences) is the National Framework Organisation dealing with the “bilans de competence” and therefore an expert concerning the documentation of competences. The 3s research Unternehmensberatung GmbH has been responsible for the innovation transfer from the project ECVET-tour. It has long-term experiences in projects dealing with ECVET, especially in the Hotel-Restaurant-Sector. The same applies to Yale College of Wrexham.

The German associated Partners EU-Geschäftsstelle Wirtschaft und Berufsbildung der Bezirksregierung Köln and bildungsmarkt e. V. are experienced in mobility projects and have tested the suggestion for the modification of the europass mobility in practice.


The project has been supported by the European Community within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme which is part of the European education and training programme "Life-long Learning" and focuses on initial and further vocational education and training

Contracting Authority

National Agency
BILDUNG FÜR EUROPA at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training / Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung, BIBB


Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training / Forschungsinstitut Betriebliche Bildung (f-bb) gGmbH

The occupational training think tank Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (f-bb) supports the modernisation of systems of occupational training with practically-orientated research. Working closely with public and private sector clients, it develops occupational training strategies that are fit for the future, and also conducts research into the suitability of these measures for specific work settings.

Core Partners

3s research laboratory

3s research laboratory is one of the leading VET-research organisations in Austria. They are experienced in the design of projects in the fields of knowledge, learning and work, and in the development of methods, tools and instruments for anticipating and assessing qualifications and competences. 3s research laboratory is a member of the Austrian Reference Network CEDEFOP and collaborates with the Austrian Ministry in the field of EQF/NQF, ECVET, certification procedure in continuous training and quality certification.

Ecap Consulenze srl

Ecap Consulenze srl is an Italian agency founded by ECAP Switzerland Foundation as a non profit body for vocational training, professional upgrading and research. Ecap Consulenze srl is the device structure through the Foundation itself, recognized and consolidated at a European level. It participates actively in transnational partnerships and is a permanent member of a European network in the field of training and labour market.

Fédération Nationale des CIBC (Centres Interinstutionnels de Bilan de Compétences)

The Fédération Nationale des CIBC (Centres Interinstutionnels de Bilan de Compétences) has been created within the frame of experimentation and development of the "Bilan de compétences" methodology in France since 1986. It participates in the "Fédération Européenne des Centres Bilan et d'Orientation Professionnelle". Its aim is to support the bilan de compétences, the orientation of lifelong learning und the recognition and validation of professional and personal competences.

Yale College of Wrexham
(Great Britain)

An outstanding UK college, Yale College is renowned for delivering excellence in further education. As well as providing education and training for most post 16 year olds in the area, the College is at the forefront of adult training, not only to meet individual aspirations, but also to serve the staffing needs of the diverse and expanding Wrexham economy.

Region Gdanski NSZZ "Solidarnosc"

Solidarnosc is an independent and self-governing Trade Union in Gdansk. With the objectives to defend the rights, dignity and employees' interests of its members Solidarnosc Gdansk is especially interested in the documentation of workers competences and their recognition. They have very strong relationships with regional VET-schools, a network that was also used for the testing phase of the project europass+.

Associated Partners

bildungsmarkt e. V.

Bildungsmarkt is a non-profit organization incorporating four companies with a mission to offer young unemployed people quality vocational education. Bildungsmarkt co-operates as a member of various transnational networks with European countries in the field of educational and vocational programmes, conducts youth and trainers exchange programmes and participates in pilot projects for development and internationalisation of vocational training.

EU-Geschäftsstelle Wirtschaft und Berufsbildung der Bezirksregierung Köln

The EU-Geschäftsstelle belongs to the department that is responsible for the 78 vocational colleges in the administrative district Cologne and is a service provider for all European activities in the vocational colleges. The EU-Geschäftsstelle is experienced in the conduction, coordination and evaluation of numerous European projects, especially in mobility projects.

Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria CIC / Industrie- und Handelskammer für München und Oberbayern

The CIC has to accomplish tasks delegated by the state, especially in the field of vocational training. More than 45.000 apprenticeships are signed by enterprises that are members of the CCI of Munich and Upper Bavaria. The chambers have to control the contracts between companies and apprentices. The chambers supervise the companies, the trainers and the apprenticeships within IVET.