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The project is divided into the following Workpackages:

WP 1:
State of Art/Identification of job procedures

  • Identification of qualifications in HoReCa sector
  • Identification of common job procedures
  • Adaptation and further development of the matrices of the project „ECVET-tour” to the requirements of the different countries
  • Usage of the VET-characteristics of the NA

Final Products: ECMO competence matrix - professional caterer, filled out VET-characteristics

WP 2:
Proposal for the further development of the europass mobility

  • Development of a proposal for the adaptation of section 5a, development of guidelines: support for the learning outcome-orientated description in section 5a
  • Identification of common quality criteria (based on the ten reference indicators of EQARF)
  • Ensuring ECVET-compatibility/discussion with competent bodies

Final Products: pre-versions of the modified europass mobility and guidelines


WP 3:
Reality-Test/Monitoring of the mobility phases

  • Existing mobility projects use the developed products for the documentation of learning outcomes
  • Realisation of expert workshops in the partner countries
  • Realisation of qualitative interviews with experts/participants of the mobility processes

Final Products: evaluation and documentation of the mobility projects, interviews and workshops with experts

Adaptation of the products/Deduction of recommendations

  • Modification of both products based on the results of the reality test
  • Discussion of the results with „competent bodies”: Are the documentations of the learning outcomes with the europass mobility a reliable basis for the recognition of learning units with ECVET?

Final products: ECMO Guidelines, Chapter 5. Proposal for modification of the section 5a of the Europass Mobility (also available in german, french, italian, polish), final version of the suggestion for the modification of the europass mobility documents and supporting guidelines


WP 5:
Project management

  • 5 steering group meetings
  • interim and final report
  • Gantt-diagram, work plan, etc.

Final Products: Final Publication ECMO_IMPULS_45, interim and final report

WP 6:
Quality management

  • Internal and external evaluation
  • Project advisory body

Final Products: three reports internal evaluation

WP 7:

  • Dissemination of project results within the structures of the consortium
  • Development of structures (contacting competent bodies, NECs, Cedefop) during the project lifetime: snowball-system
  • Expert workshops and final conference
  • Website

Final Products: Final publication, leaflet for dissemination of project outcomes (also available in german, french, italian, polish), final conference