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ECMO – ECVET meets europass mobility

There was a clear statement from the European Union concerning the intention to combine the existing European transparency instruments.

The project ECMO took a first step in this direction by combining two of them: ECVET and the Europass. The aim of ECMO was to use the europass mobility as a documentation instrument for ECVET and to make proposals for the further development of section 5a of the europass mobility.

With regard to evaluation and documentation of competences and qualification, many different requirements exist in the European countries. Since companies are often orientated towards a rather informal way of matching connections, tools that aim to create trust between the participants of the system, are yet not well understood and considered reliable. The project ECMO addressed these problems by using the europass mobility as a basis for mutual trust and a possibility for recognition of competences.


The evaluation study about the utilization of the europass mobility has shown that spaces in the document where the acquired skills and competences can be described were rarely used. There seems to be a problem in differentiating between the descriptions of jobs/tasks carried out and acquired skills/competences because partly the same contents are filled in for both (cf. europass mobilität: Evaluationsstudie, p.8).

At the same time, it is necessary for the implementation of ECVET in Europe to report the experiences made with mobility actions in a bottom-up process to the EU-level in order to enhance the practicability.

The modified europass mobility has been used and tested through negotiation processes in (ongoing and separately applied) mobility projects in the HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) sector. As a basis for the identification of common job procedures the VQTS model were transfered to HoReCA sector. Outcomes of the europass+ project have been used.

For more information please download the ECMO leaflet (also available in german, french, italian, polish).


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